ADF interview with Tanya Cox from CONCORD Europe

pridané: 06/08/2022

Platform for Development Organisations – Ambrela responded to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine with a two-day international conference – Ambrela Development Forum (ADF) – held on 23–24 May in Bratislava. With more than 140 international development experts from 23 countries, it analysed the effects of this crisis in 5 discussion panels, 3 interactive workshops and side events, and sought solutions as well as recommendations for the humanitarian and development sector at national and EU level.

Watch an interview with Ms. Tanya COX (Director of CONCORD Europe) – who was invited as a guest speaker to the ADF Discussion Panel focused on ‚Innovations in Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid: Is the CEE Community Ready to Embrace It?‘. You can read more about the ADF agenda and speakers here: https://developmentforum.ambrela.org/ and https://ambrela.org/

The ADF was financed by the Slovak Republic under the SlovakAid brand and the European Union thanks to the Eurodad (European Network on Debt and Development) via ‚Umbrella‘ project and DEAR via the ‚SDGs and Migration‘ project with its campaign ‚Faces of Migration‘.