Ambrela Development Forum 2023 responds to the current humanitarian challenges

pridané: 11/03/2023

The Slovak Platform for development organisations – Ambrela responds to the current humanitarian challenges in an inter-connected world with a one-day international conference: ‘Ambrela Development Forum (ADF) – Crisis Response and Beyond’ on November 8 in Bratislava. With up to 200 international development experts from twenty countries, it will analyse the effects of ongoing crises within and beyond Europe in eight high-level panels, and seek solutions as well as recommendations for the humanitarian, development and global citizenship education sector.

Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 and following humanitarian crisis has once again reignited the discussions about the funding gap, effectiveness or the principles of humanitarian action and the complex issue of neutrality. Likewise, in the field of development cooperation, discussions about Ukraine’s reconstruction after and during the war take a central stage. Naturally it raises questions about the involvement of civil society from Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries and its role in this rebuilding process. 

“While official development assistance (ODA) numbers reach record levels, a closer look reveals that these figures are inflated by in-donor refugee costs, even surpassing actual humanitarian aid. Support for Sub-Saharan Africa has even declined, leaving millions in the region affected by historic droughts, extreme food insecurity, and regional conflicts,” stressed Daniel Kaba, the executive secretary of Slovak Ambrela platform

“The crises in Ukraine and Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as other ongoing humanitarian challenges underscore the pressing need to re-evaluate the future of development cooperation, humanitarian aid and how emerging global needs might be addressed. In this context, the year 2024 emerges as a decisive turning point and there is a forum – our Ambrela development forum – for CEE actors to discuss these issues,” emphasized Mr. Kaba.

Eight panel discussions and deep talks on Crisis Response and Beyond

Ambrela Development Forum (ADF) is an international conference organized by the Platform for Development Organizations – Ambrela in cooperation with the Slovak Ministry of Foreign And European Affairs and under the patronage of Zuzana Čaputová, President of the Slovak Republic. Last year’s edition featured five high-level panels, three workshops, numerous side events, and facilitated interactions among more than 100 participants from over 20 countries. This year’s edition of the  ‘Ambrela Development Forum – Crisis Response and Beyond’ held on the 8th November 2023 in Moyzes hall in Bratislava, Slovakia will respond to above-mentioned issues with eight panel discussions and deep talks for up to 200 in person participants from around 20 countries. There will be a place and time for connecting communities of humanitarian, development and global citizenship education practitioners, as well as bridging the CEE actors with Ukraine, other partner countries, the European Commission and international organizations.

Featuring these 8 high-level panels and more than 40 distinguished speakers, this forum is a platform for civil society representatives, policy makers, and international development experts to collaborate on finding innovative solutions to current challenges. Among the ADF 2023 speakers there are important personalities such as Jan Marian (Dep. Minister of Foreign Affairs CZ), Oleksandr Butenko (Dep. Minister for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development), Tanya Cox(Director of CONCORD Europe), Liam Wegimont (Global Education Network Europe – GENE), Jana Kobzová (Office of the President of Slovak Republic), Michael Köhler (DG ECHO), Grzegorz Gruca (PAH), Andrea Najvirtová (PIN SK), Hanna Medviedieva (PIN CZ), Evelien van Roemburg (OXFAM), Olena Pavlenko (DIXI Group UA), Ralf Südhoff (CHA), Rilli Lappalainen (CONCORD Europe, Bridge 47 network) and many others. More information about the agenda and ADF speakers can be found at: developmentforum.ambrela.org. Register your spot here. Watch the ADF 2023 LIVE STREAM on Facebook and YouTube.

About the ADF organiser – Slovak Ambrela platform

Platform for Development Organizations – Ambrela is an umbrella organisation of 30+ mostly non-governmental organisations in Slovakia, which focus on humanitarian aid, development cooperation, global citizenship education and sustainable development at home and abroad. In October Ambrela together with its members, donors and partners celebrated the 20th anniversary of platform’s existance and importance within the region. 

According to UNHCR since the start of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, over 1.3 million people have crossed the border into Slovakia. Close to 83 % are women and children, but there are also older people and those who need urgent medical care or who have disabilities. Therefore an international development community must also focus on the refugee and migration topic. Ambrela’s awareness campaigns and the upcoming Ambrela development forum (ADF) are thus gaining an increasing attention. ADF 2023 is a part of the SlovakAid Development Summit organised by MFEA Slovakia as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) of the Slovak Republic under the SlovakAid logo. More information about Ambrela’s activities can be found at: www.ambrela.org

Note: Ambrela Development Forum (ADF) is funded by the Slovak Republic under the SlovakAid brand, MFEA Slovakia, GENE, European Commission and co-funded by the European Unionunder the program Stronger roots. Ambrela platform is solely responsible for its content and does not necessarily reflect the views of the SR or EU.