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Ambrela Development Forum 2023 - “Crisis Response and Beyond”

In these unprecedented times, our region faces a severe humanitarian crisis in it´s neighborhood. Over 17.6 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance and 5.09 million are internally displaced. This crisis has once again reignited the discussions about the principles of humanitarian aid and the complex issue of neutrality.

Likewise, in the field of development cooperation, discussions about Ukraine's reconstruction take center stage. Naturally it raises questions about the involvement of civil society from Central and Eastern European countries and its role in this process.

While official development assistance numbers reach record levels, a closer look reveals that these figures are inflated by in-donor refugee costs, even surpassing actual humanitarian aid. Support for Sub-Saharan Africa has even declined, leaving millions in the region affected by historic droughts, extreme food insecurity, and regional conflicts.

The crises in Ukraine and Sub-Saharan Africa underscore the pressing need to reevaluate the future of development cooperation and humanitarian aid and how emerging global needs might be addressed. In this context, the year 2024 emerges as a decisive turning point.

There is a forum to discuss these issues.

Ambrela Development Forum is an international conference organized by the Platform for Development Organizations – Ambrela in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign And European Affairs and under the patronage of Zuzana Čaputová, President of the Slovak Republic. Last year's edition featured five high-level panels, three workshops, numerous side events, and facilitated interactions among more than 100 participants from over 20 countries.


  • Ukraine´s reconstruction and space for civil society: not just service delivery but ability to influence policies
  • Role of Central & Eastern European actors in Ukrainian reconstruction: future and comparative advantage 
  • Russia’s war in Ukraine: protracted crisis, localisation and challenges of principled humanitarian action
  • Climate change and food crisis in the context of Horn of Africa
  • Human development and inequalities in light of midterm review MFF 
  • Unlocking efficiency through flexible & innovative funding
  • Development finance: donor fatigue & in-donor refugee costs
  • Disinformation and the Future of Democracy: The Need for Global Education


  • Civil society representatives, senior managers and experts 
  • Politicians and decision makers 
  • Senior representatives from MFA´s, heads of development agencies, ambassadors & representatives from EU institutions and international organizations
  • Politicians and decision makers 
  • Senior representatives from MFA´s, heads of development agencies, ambassadors & representatives from EU institutions and international organizations
  • Academia + expert freelancers

See what the Ambrela Development Forum was like last year:

Watch the 2022 ADF panels' videos here: Ambrela development forum – Facebook videos


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