Peter Glerum

Team Leader, PPRD East3 – Prevention, Preparedness and Response to natural and man-made disasters in Eastern Partnership countries – phase 3

Peter Glerum is a Team Leader of PPRD East3 – the EU flagship programme on civil protection for the Eastern Neighbourhood partner countries. He started his career within the fire brigade in the Netherlands and later worked on local, regional and national levels focusing on disaster risk management in various operational and policy functions. From 2005 he has been working internationally as expert and team leader mainly within Europe and EU funded programmes. He is involved in innovation on humanitarian aid and civil protection through Horizon Europe programmes. He had done capacity building projects for the disaster management organisations in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, FYROM and Ukraine (ImProDiRet project in Transcarpathia). Besides this he has an experience of working within an NGOs and expertise in volunteer management and volunteer deployment abroad.