Inna Pidluska

Deputy Executive Director, International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), Ukraine

Inna Pidluska is Deputy Executive Director at the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), a national entity of the Open Society Foundations established by George Soros with the mission to foster the development of an active, resilient and sustainable civil society initiatives that contribute to building an open society in Ukraine, where every person’s dignity is granted, human rights are protected, where citizens participate in building their state, and the government is transparent and accountable. Inna oversees programs and organizational development and leads IRF’s collaboration with other civil society donors. Prior to joining the IRF in 2011, Inna served as Executive Director of the Yalta European Strategy, YES, in 2006-2011. She was a civil society activist since 1992 and co-founder of the Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research and the Europe XXI Foundation, focusing on Ukraine’s democratic transition, governance, anti-corruption, and civic participation in policy processes. She was a member of the IRF’s Executive Board (2005-2010), the Steering Committee of the World Movement for Democracy (2006-2012), and is currently a member of the Board of the Prague Civil Society Center. Inna also chaired the Board of the Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum. She was educated at the Kyiv State Linguistic University, the Institute of Journalism of the Kyiv National University, and held an Open Society Policy Fellowship and a Chevening scholarship in international relations at the Keele University (UK).